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Dr. Yao-Hsu Tsai

TITLE: Associate Professor

TEL: 03-518-6024

FAX: 03-5375187

E-MAIL: happy4golf@chu.edu.tw

OFFICE: Room I319, R&D Building


Ph.D., Institute of Leisure and Hospitality Management, St. Zhuo University Experience: Assistant Professor, Department of Hospitality Management, Chung Hwa University Assistant Professor and Director, Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Dawn Institute of Technology Assistant Professor and Director, Department of Digital Games, Gaofeng Digital Content Academy


Virtual tourism/Restaurant/Reality, Resort management, Catering information system, Cruise tourism, Hotel management, Game design, gaming management practice

ACADEMIC EXPERTISE: Big Data, AI Application, Python, AR, Medical Tourism, Tourism Planning, Hospitality Marketing

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